Monday, November 1, 2010

With Love to My Aunt

the dance is done and all have gone home.
what was life's theatre is now so quiet, so quiet.
life's frantic pace, what was that all about?
i'm so tired, maybe just a moment's rest in this empty seat.
lights now off, the stage stands cloaked in darkness.
looking about. no one there. all that noise that was my life.
i look past the stage, now i see...
they're all trying to look in, but they cannot see.
they cannot see me sitting here looking to them.
i love you all. all my family, all my friends.
i love you all, can you hear ?
no, they cannot...
this must be my time to reflect,
my time to think what my life really meant.
oh my God, what have i done.
all those choices made by me and not one can be undone.
do they know, God, how i loved them?
did i not tell them?
please, please tell me i did.
oh, dear ones, hear this if you never hear anything else...
i love you all, so very much...
please know this was what my noise was all about.
what is happening?
the lights above the bright...but who? it time?
yes, i'm ready. thank You.
Your Hand in mine...?
oh thank You.
yes, i love You too.

paulette thibodeau-baker

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