Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Sunday Offering

thank you God for a cat’s soft paws,
the smile of a trusting child,
and fresh fallen snow
reflecting the beauty of an evening sky.
thank you for Your gracious gifts of
bountiful food, clothes, safe harbors,
books to read and time to grow,
and your divine inspiration to spiritual growth.
thank you Father,
for warm friendships that console
often transforming despair to joy,
for the twinkle in my lover’s eye
and the sweet smile upon his lips.
in return for the magnificence of our lives
we will attend one another:
clothing a naked child,
comforting a despairing widow,
and rescuing a lone girl prostitute
who only seeks her next meal.
we will place a plow in the hands
of a farmer to feed his family, his neighbors;
a sewing machine in the home of a woman to clothe
her family and her village.
we will speak the words of Your Son Jesus
to spread light and hope in corners of despair,
sharing our gifts, our love, our compassion.
we will offer our neighbors kindness, forgiveness
and care for their families when in trouble.
thank you God for a cat’s soft paws
the golden glory of a rising sun
and the far away smile of a mother
who can now feed her child

~ p. thibodeau-baker ~

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