Friday, November 5, 2010


An unkind remark
Your eyes fill with pain then tears 
My friend walks away

Furry pussycats
Tread silently on soft paws
Another mouse falls

Soldier do you cry?
A nation's conscience can't hear
We sent you away

Blood drips into sand
A doobell, a telegram
Your child served well

A soft little cat
A rainy day purrs and purrs
God is marvelous

A people are freed
Liberators assaulted
Truth holds no value

France's moral shame
No risk to a withered spine
A nation's parched soul

No, please, no goodbyes
You'll not come this way again
Steep is my sorrow

Head bowed, eyes lowered
I ask God to walk with me
Joy uplifts my soul

p. thibodeau-baker

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