Thursday, March 10, 2011

Political Commentary

My response to a reader's comment to an article written by Peter Grier of the Christian Science Monitor 3/10/11:
In response to the reader asking whad did Republicans ever do for our country, might I point out a few tidbits of information: Abraham Lincoln, our country's first Republican President issued his famous proclamation freeing slaves: Dwight Eisenhower helped lead the free world to victory over an ambitious Germany and Japan looking to dominate the world as they extinguished the lives of millions of innocents; and when he later became our President, Eisenhower sent federal troops to guard our African American Citizens as they attempted to integrate into all white schools; and Republican Leader Everett Dirksen helped persuade his fellow Congressmen to pass the Civil Rights Act at which time many Democrats did not favor passage. If I may be so bold to add that another Republican President comes to mind: George W. Bush who freed some 50,000,000 people in two countries from brutal governments. Not with the intention of taking control of their destinies nor their oil but to offer them the opportunity to ultimately forge their own destinies.