Thursday, November 18, 2010


Gladness,exuberance and joy pulsate in harmony
As God gently cradles my soul.
Can you not see, my friends, how
He saves me through His lovely grace,
How He forgives the messiness in my life?
Incrementally, slow,
Oh, so very slow at first,
As I learn to trust in Him.
He tills my heart,
And Love is seeded to grow.
Cynicism fades to nothingness,
Where softness and strength reside
Nailing truth to spirit and courage to my spine.
He teaches how to love a stranger
And He alone saves life from ruin.
All this when, out of my despair,
I shouted: can You really do all this for me?
Oh, friends, do you not remember how I was?
Do you not delight at what you see?
A shard of light shot from the depths of His universe
Carries upon its beam an answer to my prayer.
God’s words so softly spoken
Can easily go unheard
Until sometime later,
When I quiet my being and still my mind:
Ah yes! That is what You say…
Thank You.
Yes, now I see.
Now I understand.
~paulette thibodeau-baker~

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