Monday, November 8, 2010

Personal Political Commentary

A friend recently emailed me her concern about our nation's troubles and her concern for our troubled moral path and future. This is my response to her email:

Thank you. We must ferret out truth. Many believe that truth is "relative". It appears many of us have accepted the proposition when one politician is caught telling lies: "Oh, they all do it."  If we as citizens buy into this, then we have reduced our own moral standards and succeeded in lowering our expectations for our politicians.  As a people we need to hold ourselves and our politicians to higher standards. 

One thing we can do as citizens is not to reward politicians who lie to us with our vote. Why do we bestow our elected political types with the honors of high office when they show us such disdain and contempt as to lie to us.  When we lower the bar by assuming "they all lie" then the ones caught in their lies win because they have managed to tarnish their opponents  who have shown nothing wrong.  

Sorry for saying so much, but I feel strongly about this. We are part of the problem when we vote for people who have lied to us, their constituents. Lying to  "we the people" is not ok. We, who have entrusted our elected persons with our political welfare and our nation's financial resources, deserve the respect a servant holds for his master. It's time, perhaps, for us to reclaim that respect. We can only do that if we ourselves hold truth as an important asset to our individual and to our nation's character.

Maybe we are asking the wrong question when we ask: "Do they not get it?" The more appropriate question we should be asking ourselves: "When will we get it?"


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