Thursday, February 24, 2011

Political Commentary

A comment I posted online to Jennifer Rubin's (2/24/11) column in the Washington Post:

The fact that members of many of these (public employee) unions fear retaliation for speaking within their communities the best of what is on their minds represents the dictatorial nature of what has become a corrupt relationship between Democrats and unions. This grip on the throats of municipal governments becomes extremely hard to break. But this corrupted relationship feeds at the trough of us taxpayers over commitments that bind us well into our country’s future. These commitments become “fundamental rights” to those who benefit from this process while becoming a scourge to the rest of our citizenry, our children and their children who have to pay well into the future for corrupt processes that eat slowly at our nation’s soul and our concepts of personal liberty, responsibility and accountability.

Posted by: pthib
February 24, 2011 10:20 AM

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This Farm

Why, why oh why did I do this
All these little ones to be fed, housed and cared for
Looking to me to protect them, maybe even to love them?
Whatever came into my mind?
Whatever crept into my subconscious…?
Whatever made me think I could do this?
This job of being a farmer
The sheep, three dogs, the ram, hundreds of free roaming chickens,

Perky and mulish Molly and Sally
And Henry my ever so lovely goat
But I love these creatures of God
It saddens me to see my lonely white duck waddling
His doggie best friend having passed away
A tender young teenage ram
Where no critter will befriend him
Should I bring him into my house so he’s not so alone?
How will I ever make this work?
Where will the money come from?
Is this not a younger man’s dream
And was it an older man’s foolishness to have dreamt this dream?

Ah…so much for second guessing
I will till this soil, plant my seeds, water my crops
And here love will grow
This farm that feeds my soul

~ paulette thibodeau-baker ~