Saturday, October 30, 2010

Through Anger to Joy

If my anger tears your heart, stomps your spirit, kills your dreams,
And you love me back with kindness, love and forgiveness.
How do we go forward or am I forever doomed?
You alone cannot lift me.
And alone I should be left
For you to become more in life filled with joy.
How dare I destroy that gentleness,
And destroy I will.
How do I reckon with anger I don’t understand?
Can your kindness, love and forgiveness bring me to a better place?
Or must I go there on my own?
This journey of ours is made anguished
By my traversing a path I need to forego.
Thank you for your gift of time, your gift of love.
And for you I will choose a path with a softer footing, an open heart,

A kinder love, a forgiven past…
All this so that joy might dwell in our home.


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