Friday, October 22, 2010

Remembering a gentle soul

your heart we hold close to our own...
impish taunts to a brother you loved well
and youthful secrets shared he swore never to tell.
we remember the bright colors you loved to wear,
purple coveralls, pink tee shirt, green high tops
and perfume sweet as a pear.
how you changed outfits at least three times a day.
we promise not to dwell on the choices you made,
choices, had we been able, we would have undone.
we thank you for your exuberance,

your gentleness, your love,
and, with time, we’ll forgive you this pain.
your life’s cadence hummed to the rhythm in your head,
music performed by a one-woman band.
each soul writes its own diary -
each one of us has our own shout.
you danced with defiance,

for the glory of living your own life.
dare we not judge, for few of us knew,
your heartaches, your sorrows, your joys,

your little triumphs over strife.
today, my sweet Kristen, we hold you in our hearts
as God holds you in His arms,
for He loves a gentle soul,
and we thank Him for that.

~p. thibodeau-baker~

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