Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A short, short, short story...

After entering my home, I quietly close my front door. A cup of coffee followed by a hot bath and a good book, now that’s how to end a day. You see, when you turn sixty-three you tend to settle for the little quiet things in life.
But first things must come first. I feed my aussie Zeke and my three cats, Jasper, Sammi and Honeybunny. The little furry creatures now busy eating, I start my bath running with nice hot water and then pour a hot cup of coffee as I catch a few minutes of news. How lovely…
Ring a ding ding…ring a ding ding…ring a ding ding.  “Hello ? No my house is not up for sale ! No you cannot come by to look at it. Listen…No you can’t ! Who are you anyway? What do you mean you’re in my driveway? ! “
Ding dong…ding dong…ding dong. What the heck…Opening the door I see two elderly people that come up to my chin (I’m 5’3”). Flabbergasted, I just stare at them. “What is it you want,” I ask.
“We want to buy your house,” they answered.
“Why do you want to buy my house,” I angrily asked?
“Because your tub overflows, your coffee turned cold and you are about to enter another realm,” they said. As they said this, my world darkened and I awoke to gentle, sweet, sweet music, and the most vibrant and beautiful colors an artist could possibly imagine. Thank you God for the sweet ending to my day and bringing me home to Your beautiful garden.

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