Thursday, January 6, 2011

Political Comment

Recently I posted a reply to another's comment to an editorial in a Canadian Online Newspaper (CBC.CA) on 12/22/2010. The person I replied to favored a single ruling governmental body and thought national sovereignties interfered with a more desirous world order.

My Reply:

"Why do people think that `some person` or some world governing body holds the magic of utopia? I would rather my country be free to risk and struggle as it tries to achieve the individual aspirations of its people. Yes, we may make mistakes and have individuals who suffer from blights of corruption, but I'll take that any day than suffer the weight of oppression that in my mind a single world order very probably would offer. A good example is the world court. I will oppose any effort some of my countrymen attempt to subject our rule of law to that of a single international court. The world as it is now does not appear to value concepts of truth, integrity, justice and fairness in common currency."

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